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Executive Coaching and Consulting for Teams and Individuals

Executive Coaching

  • Various assessment options for increasing self-awareness and making behavior modifications

  • Support to align your business and personal aspirations


  • Helping Leaders close the gap between how they want to show up and what they are actually doing behaviorally


  • Private pay and corporate pay rates available 

Women in the Workplace

  • Supporting career development for women at all professional levels

  • Helping women achieve their own unique work/life balance, which supports their personal and professional goals

  • Enabling women to overcome obstacles that are road-blocking their success



  • Enabling groups to work more effectively with each other

  • Navigating personality differences and conflicts in teams

Leadership Development

  • Developing professionals to be intentional managers of people

  • Building skills on how to give and receive feedback as well as create a culture where feedback is safe

  • Building high trust relationships at work

  • Creating a coaching culture: how to move from “do it yourself,” or “tell others,” to “coaching others”

  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence for individuals and teams 

Culture & Strategy

  • Helping teams design and articulate their desired culture

  • Increasing employee engagement through better management of people, especially during times of change

Stress Management
& Wellness
  • Helping organizations invest in the longevity of their talent through training

  • Teaching stress-resilience tools, tips, and tricks for work and personal commitments

Certified to Deliver

Building Trust 
Challenging Conversations 
DiSC for Teams
Drexler-Sibbet Team Performance Model
Effective Listening Module
MBTI Teaming Solutions
Situational Leadership II ®
StrengthsFinder Teaming Sessions
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
Tracom Social Styles


Contact us to learn more about our speaking, coaching, and consulting offerings.  We offer custom programs designed to fit multi-day formats, all day workshops and one-hour keynotes.

We will do our best to meet your needs and scheduling requirements, and offer both in-person and virtual sessions.

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