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The LCA Advantage.

Learn from Peggy Leyden's unique skillset to provide you and your team with the best services fit for their needs.

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Offered Services


Executive Coaching

Helping Leaders close the gap between how they want to show up and what they are actually doing behaviorally. 

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Teaming Interventions

Enabling groups to work more effectively with each other while increasing employee engagement 

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Developing proffessionals to be intentional managers of people and helping Organizations invest in longevity of their talent through training. 

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Diana DeMarco

Assistant Provost for Institutional Planning and Effectiveness @ Concordia University Chicago 

"After taking a break from management a few years ago, Peggy helped me prepare for my current leadership position. I appreciate the breadth of tools and techniques Peggy offers in our sessions.


She is so knowledgeable and supportive! I like how I have the freedom to set the topic. I get measurable results from our interactions because everything I learn is relevant and easy to apply to my goal or situation. Time well spent!"

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Women in the Workplace

LCA supports career development for women at all professional levels.


Silent Quitting and

Stress Management

With LCA, you're helping invest in the longevity of your staff's talent.

Northern Trust Organizational Case Study
by Leyden Consulting Associates


Creating Momentum for Culture Change.

Learn how Peggy integrated with The Northern Trust Company, and how she trained over 1,200 managers to be effective communicators throughout the 5-year partnership. 

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Contact us to learn more about our speaking, coaching, and consulting offerings.  We offer custom programs designed to fit multi-day formats, all-day workshops, and one-hour keynotes. We will do our best to meet your needs and scheduling requirements, and offer both in-person and virtual sessions.

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